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first_imgOf the many leaks that came before Apple’s iPhone 5 launch yesterday, the power adapter was a constant. Every leak suggested a new adapter was on the way, and now it is here.The Lightning power adapter is undeniably more useful than most phone connectors out there today, but with all the existing iPhone owners around the world there needed to be a way for everyone to convert their pre-iPhone 5 accessories to be compliant with the new Lightning dock port. Apple, knowing this full well, has released two different Lightning adapters. One of them costs $29, and the other $39.Even if you think that price is reasonable, which I doubt there are many out there who do, this sticker shock is not exactly unwarranted. When Apple released the Retina MacBook Pro there was an adapter released for users who had existing MagSafe cords and still wanted to use them. The cost for this adapter? $10. The $29 adapter is just that, and it puts about an inch and a half of extra white plastic in between your accessory of choice and the iPhone 5. The $39 adapter offers you a cable, at a length unspecified by Apple’s website, in between the two connector types. To put that in to further perspective, a Lightning to USB cable from Apple is listed at $19.I doubt this sticker shock will stop many people from purchasing the adapters. Over the last few years we’ve seen Apple’s iconic dock connecter attached to everything from shower radios to brand new cars, and in order to continue to use those devices with your new iPhone you will need to pay for one of these two adapters.last_img read more