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first_imgHave you been convinced by Carlos Ibáñez and Bartomeu’s explanations about the case of Social Networks?I have found a cluster of lies and demagogy. Develop pleaseThey always go behind the events. When the SER says one thing, they deny it, then the SER publishes evidence and they already say something sounds to them, but they add that the accounts are not theirs. Then the BE publishes the link, but then they say they did not know it.And he doesn’t believe it, of courseBut they did have the same report as the BE, and they arrive regularly and that is just one of many.What else has hit you?There is more. This man (Carlos Ibáñez) has ended up defending the content of those pages saying that they did not insult much and were opinion. Why defend them if they are not yours?But he has recognized that one was his …That’s when they already take people for stupid. Use the simile of the parking lot when talking about hosting and that is tricky. Following his example, he saw a parking lot and said “if there is a Mercedes, it must be a good parking lot” and he buys it, but he doesn’t worry if the trunk of the Mercedes is full of cocaine. That is, you buy a domain and do not worry about what the domain publishes. That is not believed by a small child. If you buy a parking lot you worry that there is no drug traffic. He also said that everything responded to a pre-campaign electoral climate. Do you agree?That seems incredible to me. I do not take it for granted. In any case they go for Victor Font and I am not behind him as they say those pages that pay with the partner’s money. Font has possible ways to pay for campaigns and I don’t think he needs me nor do I want to pay for campaigns. Barça never denied that he paid a million and has shown an invoice as he could have taught another. Maybe they did it yesterday, I don’t know.Will you take Bartomeu to court for improper administration?The lawyers are looking at it, but it is clear that the club pays not to defend itself or monitor, those amounts are paid to pay anti-everything pages. If Bartomeu wants to campaign, let him be paid. The president is often confused with the club. We will go to the end and not swallow it. Have no doubt and do not give up.What is that about?I saw that Barto took advantage of a press conference of a journalistic prize to violate the memory of Vázquez Montalbán to talk about City. To answer in a press conference with papers that prove something. We are sneaking a ball like a piano.last_img read more