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first_imgThe day belonged to Hardik Pandya, who starred with both bat and ball on an eventful day but South Africa still on top with 142-run lead. (Scorecard)South Africa 2nd Innings:21:36 IST: Another absorbing day of cricket comes to an end. Some nervy moments at the fag end of the day for South Africa but they will be happy overall as they are in a strong position at the moment. However, Hardik Pandya’s successful burst in which he picked up a couple of wickets has kept India in the game. Markram promised a lot but failed to convert his start while Elgar was tentative and finally fell prey.21:31 IST: THAT’S STUMPS ON DAY 2! 19.6: M Shami to Rabada, Rabada survives somehow! On a good length around off, Rabada feels for it but the ball straightens and beats the outside edge of his bat. Saha takes it and the Indians appeal but Shami himself shakes bis head. Kohli has a chat with his teammates but doesn’t take the review. Has a big smile on his face. There was no edge there.21:31 IST: 19.5: M Shami to Rabada, Brilliantly bowled! Low full toss, dipping in on middle and leg. Rabada brings his bat down and plays it towards mid-wicket. Bumrah hares from wide mid on and dives to cut it off. Rabada and Amla come halfway down the track for the single, almost do a handshake but then on seeing that the ball is fielded, go back to their respective ends. Can Rabada survive the last delivery of the day?advertisement21:19 IST: Hashim Amla is the new man in. A tricky period for South Africa as suddenly the ball is doing something.21:17 IST: WICKET! 16.4: H Pandya to D Elgar, OUT c Wriddhiman Saha b Hardik Pandya. South Africa have lost their second wicket. South Africa 286, 59/2 (16.4 overs), lead India (209) by 136 runs1st Test. 16.1: H Pandya to D Elgar (25), 4 runs, 59/1 https://t.co/XYC5wpFbLx #SAvInd #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) January 6, 201821:11 IST: The nightwatchman, Kagiso Rabada strides out to bat. Interesting tactic from South Africa. India had stuck to their normal batting line-up yesterday but it didn’t work. Let’s see how Rabada fares. Meanwhile, Ravichandran Ashwin comes to roll his arm over. A slip and a short leg in place.21:09 IST: WICKET! 14.6: H Pandya to Markram, OUT. South Africa have lost their first wicket. Hardik Pandya is in the thick of things again! Much-needed breakthrough for India. Got to say that it was a needless shot from Markram and he has thrown his wicket away. Back of a length ball on off, Markram hops and goes for a half pull/half flick. South Africa 286, 52/1 (15 overs), lead India (209) by 129 runs21:06 IST: 14.1: H Pandya to Markram, FOUR. That flew off the bat! What timing. Fractionally overpitched outside off, Markram leans ahead and creams it through extra cover for a gorgeous boundary. That brings up the 50 for South Africa. Smooth sailing at the moment.21:05 IST: 13.6: Shami to Elgar, A loud appeal for an LBW denied! Good length ball in line of the stumps, Elgar hops to keep it out but misses to get pinged on the pads. Shami is confident but the umpire pays no heed to him. Height was the factor.21:04 IST: 13.5: M Shami to Elgar, FOUR! This one is more authoritative! Completely nailed that one.21:03 IST: 13.4: M Shami to D Elgar, FOUR! Brilliant shot! Shami tries to test Elgar with a bouncer. The southpaw is alert though and pulls it all along the ground through the backward square leg region to find the fence.20:51 IST: 10.5: H Pandya to Markram, FOUR! Sublime! That was so pleasing to the eyes.20:46 IST: DRINKS! India have bowled well especially Bhuvneshwar Kumar but don’t have anything to show for in the wickets column. Elgar has looked tentative but has done well to battle it out. Markram has been more assured and has played some eye-catching strokes. With the pitch not assisting the bowlers that much, how will India go about things in the final 45 minutes of the day? Let’s find out. Meanwhile, Hardik Pandya comes into the attack.1st Test. 8.4: B Kumar to A Markram (23), 4 runs, 26/0 https://t.co/XYC5wpFbLx #SAvInd #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) January 6, 201820:26 IST: 5.4: J Bumrah to Markram, FOUR! Shot! Shortish and room on offer, Markram gets on top of the bounce and punches it through covers for a glorious boundary. He is so young and seems to have a lot of time to play his strokes.20:25 IST: 5.2: J Bumrah to Markram, FOUR! Pristine! Bumrah errs in line. Bowls it straight and it is full as well, Markram stays well-balanced and clips it through wide mid on. Ashwin gives it a long chase but only comes second best.advertisement20:14 IST: 2.2: B Kumar to Markram, FOUR. A streaky one this time. A length ball outside off, Markram pushes it away from his body and gets a thick outside edge over gully to third man!20:13 IST: 2.1: B Kumar to Markram, FOUR. Nice shot. On a length outside off, Markram punches it on the up through the covers for a boundary!20:12 IST: 1.5: J Bumrah to Elgar, Oh dear… Elgar is all at sea. On a length around middle, Dean looks to defend but then decides to withdraw his bat. The ball goes off the bottom edge on the bounce to second slip.AP Photo20:10 IST: 1.1: J Bumrah to Elgar, Top edge! Dropped! Technically though. Otherwise a terrific effort from Shami. A short ball outside off, Elgar straightaway looks to pull but gets a massive top edge. It swirls in the air for eternity and Shami runs a long way from mid on. Almost gets to the ball as he stretches his hands but the ball just touches his fingertips and drops down. Two runs taken. Elgar gets off the pair.India 1st Innings:20:03 IST: India will be happy with Hardik’s innings but they will be disappointed with their batting effort. They will realize that they missed out on a brilliant opportunity on getting a big lead. Days 2 and 3 will be perhaps the best days to bat on this track with it easing out a bit. Now, it is upto their bowlers to try and restrict South Africa to 150 or less. Plenty of time left in this match, so either ways, a result is likely.20:00 IST: Good bowling from Philander and Rabada, picking up 3 wickets apiece while Steyn and Morkel struggled, with 2 scalps each. The Proteas would be worried with Steyn’s heel as they could be both, a batsman and a bowler short in the second innings.19:58 IST: Not much time taken by South Africa to wrap things up after the Tea break. They came in with a new plan to Hardik Pandya and cramped him for room, eventually getting his wicket as well. After scoring 286, the Proteas would accept a lead of 77 gleefully but the momentum is with the Indians right now, as at one stage, they looked to be conceding almost double of that lead.19:54 IST: INDIA ALL OUT FOR 209. 73.4: K Rabada to J Bumrah, OUT! Edged and taken. The Indian innings finally ends. Full and outside off, Bumrah has a tame poke inside the line and only succeeds in nicking it to Dean Elgar at fourth slip who catches it this time. SOUTH AFRICA GET A LEAD OF 77!19:35 IST: WICKET! 69.1: K Rabada to Pandya, OUT. Caught behind and Pandya walks! End of a brilliant innings and just unfortunate for Hardik that he could not get a ton. A short ball outside off, Hardik gets across and slashes hard but only nicks it behind. De Kock starts to appeal but sportsman Pandya walks. End of a terrific innings. Not sure about a game-changing one but definitely a momentum-breaking one. India 199/9 (69.1 overs), trail South Africa by 87 runsadvertisement19:30 IST: 68.1: M Morkel to Pandya, FOUR! BANG! A short ball outside off, Pandya backs away and crashes it through the covers for a boundary!19:28 IST: 67.5: K Rabada to Pandya, Ouch! That would have hurt. A short ball, on middle, Hardik swivels to pull but misses and gets hit on the box. He is immediately down in pain. He has the presence of mind to keep his bat in his crease as Rabada has a shy at the striker’s end.19:22 IST: WICKET! 66.5: M Morkel to Kumar, OUT. India have lost their eighth wicket. Morkel finally breaks the 99-run stand! Not exactly a relief for South Africa but they at least get the 8th wicket. A length ball outside off, Bhuvi chases it and ends up getting a thick outside edge to de Kock behind. End of a valiant knock of 25 and importantly, a brilliant stand of 99. India 191/8 (66.5 overs), trail South Africa by 95 runs19.15 IST: Morne Morkel bowls a maiden over. India 187/7, trail by 99 runs19.06 IST: Dale Steyn, who had left the field just before tea break, has gone for a scan on his left heel. India 186/7, trail by 100 runs 19.03 IST: An over after tea, India are 186/7 in 62 overs.19.00 IST: And we’re back after tea.18.41 IST: India 185/7 at tea on Day 2, trail South Africa (286) by 101 runs. Hardik Pandya 81*, Bhuvneshwar Kumar 24*, Vernon Philander 109/3 in 25 overs! And 81 of those 109 have been from Hardik Pandya’s bat. For the first time in this match, India’s batsmen have taken the attack to the opposition and the visitors are firmly back in this game.At 92/7, one might have thought it is done and dusted for India but this unbeaten 93-run stand between Pandya and Kumar has revived things. All of a sudden, the pitch seems to be devoid of demons and the Proteas look to be under pressure. Add to it, a Steyn-less attack could be less menacing for the Indians.The best thing about Hardik Pandya has been that he has played his natural game. He got a couple of chances and has made the most of those. And how well has Bhuvneshwar Kumar played? He could be in line for a half century of his own!At Tea on Day 2 of the 1st Test #TeamIndia 185/7 (Hardik 81*, Bhuvi 24*), trail South Africa (286) by 101 runs.Updates – https://t.co/XYC5wpnAmX #FreedomSeries #SAvIND pic.twitter.com/j3wUkTA2n2- BCCI (@BCCI) January 6, 201818.38 IST: Oh dear…. Steyn is limping off the field. Shaun Pollock on air reckons that it could be a blister. Either ways, more problems for South Africa. Vernon Philander will finish off the over.18.38 IST: Steyn removes his shoe and then wears it again. Now Philander comes over with some advice. South Africa making sure that this is the last over before Tea. They are rattled.18.28 IST: Steyn to Bhuvi, FOUR! HANDSOME! Half volley wide outside off, Bhuvi just leans into this one and drives it through the covers. The ball races away off the turf and meets the fence!1st Test. 58.4: D Steyn to B Kumar (19), 4 runs, 177/7 https://t.co/XYC5wpFbLx #SAvInd #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) January 6, 201818.22 IST: Pandya has played the upper cut to good effect during his knock especially against Morne MorkelThat’s how you play the upper cut. Courtesy – @hardikpandya7 #FreedomSeries #SAvIND pic.twitter.com/LQcsFgIhGT- BCCI (@BCCI) January 6, 201818.21 IST: Steyn to Bhuvi, FOUR!18.20 IST: Dale Steyn is back on. South Africa are feeling like how India were feeling when Maharaj was batting.18.19 IST: Keshav Maharaj’s first over goes for 12 runs including a SIX and a FOUR from Pandya. India 165/7, trail by 121 runs 18.16 IST: Maharaj to Pandya, FOUR!18.16 IST: Maharaj to Pandya, SIX! First of the innings for India. Terrific shot! Flighted on middle, Hardik comes down the track and and flicks it beautifully over mid-wicket and clears the ropes! The deficit is now down to 125!18.11 IST: Rabada to Bhuvi, FOUR! 150 up for India in the 55th over, they now trail by just 133 runs. Poor ball and punished! Full and down the leg side, Bhuvi tickles it past the keeper and gets it to the fine leg fence! The stand is now worth 61 from 76 balls! Bhuvi moves to 10 now.Score Update | India 153/7Pandya 63*B Kumar 10 *#SAvIND #FreedomSeries #ProteaFire pic.twitter.com/PS4BdWEQiM- Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 6, 20181st Test. 54.2: K Rabada to B Kumar (10), 4 runs, 153/7 https://t.co/XYC5wpFbLx #SAvInd #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) January 6, 201818.11 IST: Rabada to Bhuvi, FOUR! GLORIOUS! Bhuvi into the act now! Half volley outside off, wide and inviting to drive, Kumar obliges and drives it through the covers for a boundary! The deficit is now 137.18.09 IST: Morkel to Pandya, FOUR! What a way to bring up the 50-run stand! In just 74 balls. Morne digs it in short and Pandya pulls it into the ground through mid-wicket and gets a boundary. Moves to 63 from just 56 balls. Bhuvi has scored just 2 runs in this partnership18.05 IST: Rabada to Pandya, FOUR! He does it again! Must have immense confidence in his ability to play that shot. A short ball outside off, Pandya arches back and ramps it over the keeper to the fence behind!17.59 IST: Morkel to Pandya, FOUR! Not cleanly hit but it will do to bring up Hardik’s 2nd Test Fifty! Well played, son. You have fought fire with fire and forced South Africa to think differently. A length ball outside off, Pandya flays hard and gets it off the toe end of the bat but has enough on it to clear mid off.Half-century for Hardik Pandya, his second in his career, helps India recover slightly on 131/7. #SAvIND #FreedomSeries pic.twitter.com/QIcSAuRHB5- Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 6, 201817.53 IST: Hardik Pandya smashes Morne Morkel for two boundaries and gets 10 runs from the over. India 127/7 in 50 overs, trail by 159 runs17.53 IST: Morkel to Pandya, FOUR! AUDACIOUS! Short and wide outside off, Hardik crashes it through point and gets a boundary! Pandya doing to South Africa what AB did to India. The deficit is now down to 159.17.49 IST: Morkel to Pandya, FOUR! He gets the ramp shot right this time! A short ball outside off, Pandya ducks and then plays the upper cut over the keeper to the third man fence! Some swagger in that shot, he immediately looked down after playing that. Moves to 41 from 38 balls.1st Test. 49.1: M Morkel to H Pandya (41), 4 runs, 121/7 https://t.co/XYC5wpFbLx #SAvInd #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) January 6, 201817.48 IST: Rabada to Bhuvi, FOUR! LEG BYES! Full and down the leg side, Kumar misses his flick and the ball hares past the keeper to the fine leg fence. The deficit is now 169.17.41 IST: Drinks are on the field now! India scored 36 runs and lost 3 wickets in the last hour.South Africa are controlling the proceedings and are running away with the show. Disciplined bowling has brought in rewards. The big wicket of Pujara has led them to slope downhill. India still trail by 174 runs and are staring down the barrel. They will expect Hardik Pandya to keep playing his shots and reduce the deficit.  India 112/7 in 48 overs, trail by 174 runsDRINKS | Players having a break after a dominant session after lunch from the Proteas bowling attack. India 112/7 #SAvIND #ProteaFire #FreedomSeries pic.twitter.com/XgFxGKOj3i- Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 6, 201817.32 IST: Hardik Pandya is playing a gem of a knock here, counter-attacking against the Protea pacers. India 110/7 in 46 overs, trail by 176 runs1st Test. 45.2: M Morkel to H Pandya (33), 4 runs, 109/7 https://t.co/XYC5wpFbLx #SAvInd #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) January 6, 201817.28 IST: Morkel to Pandya, FOUR! Hardik Pandya is playing a gem of a knock here, counter-attacking against the Protea pacers. India 110/7 in 46 overs, trail by 176 runs17.28 IST: Dale Steyn, who has 419 wickets at the moment, needs 3 more to surpass Shaun Pollock as South Africa’s highest wicket-taker in Test cricket.17.17 IST: Philander to Pandya, FOUR! A counter-attack from Pandya! He knows how to play his natural game. Takes a couple of steps down the track and whips the fullish delivery aerially through mid-wicket for the third boundary of the over. He has unsettled Philander’s rhythm.17.14 IST: Philander to Pandya, FOUR! Crunched! Back of a length and room on offer, Pandya cuts it past the backward point region for a boundary. India crawl to 100 as Hardik Pandya scores his 5th boundary. India 100/7 in 42.3 overs, trail by 186 runs17.14 IST: Philander to Pandya, FOUR! Shot! Fullish ball around off, Pandya lifts it over mid off for a boundary.17.10 IST: WICKET! Wriddhiman Saha lbw b Dale Steyn 0 (7 balls). India 92/7 in 41.3 overs, trail by 194 runsA complete error in judgement and Saha departs! India exhaust their reviews. Fuller in length around off, shaping in sharply. Saha thinks that it will hold its line and points his bat skywards to take it on his pads. Steyn appeals vociferously and up goes the umpire’s finger. However, Saha decides to challenge the decision. Time for the replays. There are three reds and the wicket-keeper batsman is a dead duck.WICKET | Goes from bad to worse for the Indians as Steyn removes Saha for a duck, lbw. India 92/7 #SAvIND #FreedomSeries #ProteaFire pic.twitter.com/KoEx4uzVcE- Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 6, 201817.09 IST: DROPPED! Huge moment in the game. Just now Elgar came into the gully position and he has put it down. On a length outside off, Pandya looks to force it through the line but gets a healthy edge toward Elgar. He is a bit late to react and the ball bursts through his hands. AB de Villiers dived to his left from fourth slip but to no avail. Elgar gets up and chases the ball to keep it down to a run. Pandya can be really dangerous. India 92/6, trail by 194 runs 17.08 IST: Steyn to Pandya, FOUR! Nicely done! Similar length ball outside off, Pandya waits for it and steers it through the vacant gully region to pick up a boundary.17.06 IST: India 87/6 in 41 overs, trail South Africa (286) by 199 runs. Pandya 11*, Saha 0* 17.00 IST: Steyn to Pandya, FOUR! Brilliant shot! Fullish and straight on this occasion, Pandya stays well-balanced and clips it nonchalantly through mid-wicket. The fielder from square leg covers a lot of ground to his left but only comes second best.16.56 IST: WICKET! R Ashwin c de Kock b Philander 12 (31 balls). India 81/6 in 38.5 overs, trail by 205 runsWhat a stunner! Take a bow, Quinton de Kock. He has grabbed some terrific catches behind the stumps and this one is right up there. Full length ball outside off, swinging away and encouraging Ashwin to go for an ambitious stroke. He obliges but goes at it with half-heartedly. Ends up getting a faint nick. De Kock has his feet moving, generates good momentum with his left foot and leaps like a goalkeeper to his right to take a beauty. The good thing was that he landed softly on the ground and ensured that the ball doesn’t pop out of his gloves. India are in dire straits now.WICKET | Another wicket for Philander as he gets Ashwin (12) brilliantly caught behind by De Kock. India 81/6 #SAvIND #FreedomSeries #ProteaFire pic.twitter.com/GpYZo7gMDz- Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 6, 201816.54 IST: Pujara’s wicket was Philander’s 100th Test wicket in South Africa and the 40th at this ground.16.50 IST: NOT OUT! The South Africans have their tails up and are running riot at the moment. Pandya has been caught behind but he straightaway goes for the review. Indication that it has come off the thigh pad. Let’s find out.16.45 IST: Philander to Pandya, FOUR! 16.44 IST: Hardik Pandya has come ahead of Wriddhiman Saha.16.42 IST: Philander to Pujara, OUT! This is a big, big breakthrough for South Africa! A dream start after the break. Philander pitches it on a good length in the corridor of uncertainty and gets it to move away after pitching. Pujara is guilty of poking at it and ends up getting a fat outside edge which flies towards third slip. India 76/5, trailing by 210 runs.WICKET | Philander with the first ball of the second session gets Pujara 26 caught at third slip by captain Faf Du Plessis. India 76/5 #SAvIND #FreedomSeries #ProteaFire pic.twitter.com/i0yYnQfU4V- Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 6, 2018It has been an attritional session of cricket. A contest of guarding territory and putting your foot forward inch by inch. India have scored 48 runs in 25 overs and have lost only one wicket. The pair of Pujara and Sharma were circumspect in approach and set a good example. They took their time and did well to survive the first hour. Agreed that the pitch has lost a bit of sheen but nothing can be taken away from the resilient duo.However, the hosts came out breathing fire after the Drinks break. The young and fierce Rabada bowled with intent and breached the defense of the adamant Rohit. He troubled Ashwin initially as well but the batsman did well to play sensibly after that. On the other end, Pujara has been solid as a rock and remains unfazed by whatever has been thrown at him. South Africa won’t mid though as they have kept a lid on the scoring rate and are still ahead by 210 runs.Will either of the two conquer the territory in the afternoon session? Or will it be another phase of grinding it out? Join us shortly to find out.16.00 IST: India 76/4 at lunch on Day 2, trail South Africa (286) by 210 runs at Newlands. Cheteshwar Pujara 26*, R Ashwin 12*, Kagiso Rabada 1/15Situation at lunch break here at Newlands on Day 2 of the #FreedomSeries #SAvIND #ProteaFire pic.twitter.com/VSn3ZEfkly- Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 6, 201815.53 IST: India 74/4 in 34 overs, trail South Africa (286) by 212 runs. Pujara 26*, Ashwin 10*15.52 IST: Kagiso Rabada has improved on his pace in this tour. When Bangladesh toured South Africa recently, he was bowling under 140 kph. He has upped the speed gun and is consistent bowling around 140-145 kph. He has been difficult to deal with so far.15.49 IST: Dale Steyn is back into the attack for his second spellDale Steyn comes back into the bowling attack from the Kelvin Grove End. India 73/4 #SAvIND #FreedomSeries #ProteaFire pic.twitter.com/1Y56jn4BcV- Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 6, 201815.45 IST: Rabada to Pujara, FOUR! Edged but he was in some control there! Good length delivery in the corridor of uncertainty, Pujara plays it with an angled bat in the gap between third slip and gully. Came out off the outer half of the bat but found the right direction to find the fence.15.39 IST: Morkel to Ashwin, FOUR! In the air for a while but well-controlled! Morkel goes straight this time and bowls it on a length. Ashwin clips it aerially past the short leg fielder and the ball whistles away to the fence. He has looked solid so far apart from being tested at the beginning of his innings.1st Test. 31.1: M Morkel to R Ashwin (10), 4 runs, 68/4 https://t.co/XYC5wpFbLx #SAvInd #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) January 6, 201815.27 IST: Rabada to Ashwin, FOUR! Streaky! Sharp bouncer down the leg side, Ashwin is caught in a tangle as he fends it off from his gloves past de Kock and gets off the mark with a boundary.15.23 IST: WICKET! Rohit Sharma lbw b Rabada 11 (59 balls). India 57/4 in 28.1 oversThe on-field call is upheld and India exhaust a review! This is a vital breakthrough for South Africa and it is the young Rabada who has brought joy on the faces of his teammates. He runs in with good rhythm and bowls a fullish delivery around off. Gets it to swing in prodigiously as well. Sharma aims to drive it down the ground but his bat comes from behind the pad and he falls over a bit as well. Ends up missing it completely and is hit flush on the pads. The Proteas roar in an appeal and the umpire raises the dreaded finger.South Africa are jubilant as they feel that they have trapped Rohit Sharma in front of the stumps. Seems really close to the naked eye.WICKET | Rabada gets the breakthrough for the Proteas as he traps RG Sharma leg before wicket. India 57/4 #ProteaFire #SAvIND #freedomseries pic.twitter.com/Z9VTpRAfUi- Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 6, 201815.20 IST: India 57/3 in 28 overs, trail South Africa (286) by 229 runs. Pujara 19*, Rohit 11* 15.18 IST: Morkel to Pujara, FOUR! Poor delivery and duly punished! Searches for some swing but delivers this down the leg side. Pujara just helps it past de Kock to the fine leg fence.15.15 IST: Rabada to Rohit, Edged it? The fielders appeal. But umpire says no. 15.14 IST: Rabada to Rohit, FOUR! Streaky runs! An edge has been finally induced but it runs away for a boundary. On a driveable length outside off, Sharma goes for a booming drive but gets a thick outside edge. Fortunately for him, the ball flies in the gap between third slip and gully to run through to the fence.15.04 IST: Morkel to Pujara, FOUR! All about timing and grace! Full length ball, straight on this occasion. Pujara maintains his balance and clips it beautifully through square leg. The fielder gives it a chase but the ball wins the race. Patience is a bitter plant that yields sweet fruits, that is the case with Pujara.15.04 IST: Kagiso Rabada into the attack.15.01 IST: Time for drinks. IND 45/3 in 24 overs, trail by 241 runs. 14.51 IST: Morne Morkel bowls a good first over, gives away just 3 runs. IND 44/3 in 22 overs, trail by 242 runs 14.47 IST: India have seen off the first spell from Dale Steyn and now have to deal with the pace and bounce of Morne Morkel. IND 41/3, trail by 245 runsBowling change for the Proteas as Morne Morkel comes in from the Kelvin Grove End. India 41/3 #SAvIND #FreedomSeries #ProteaFire- Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 6, 201814.40 IST: Steyn to Pujara, FOUR! LEG BYES! Steyn loses his radar and slips this down the leg side, Pujara looks to flick but the ball goes off his pads past the diving Quinton de Kock to the fine leg fence.1st Test. 19.3: D Steyn to C Pujara (9), 4 runs, 41/3 https://t.co/XYC5wpFbLx #SAvInd #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) January 6, 201814.38 IST: Yet another maiden from Philander, pressure building on the batsmen to score runs. IND 37/3, trail SA by 249 runs 14.31 IST: The man from mid on is going back to the boundary. And a short leg comes in, with a man at deepish square leg, in line of that short leg fielder.14.31 IST: Steyn to Pujara, FOUR! That has come out of frustration. Steyn was probably expecting the track to do something but it has not done much. Bowls it too straight and Pujara just works it through mid-wicket. The timing is supreme and the ball races to the fence. The stand moves to 10.first boundary of the day from Pujara who plays the ball through square leg for four. India 37/3 #SAvIND- Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 6, 20181st Test. 17.3: D Steyn to C Pujara (9), 4 runs, 37/3 https://t.co/XYC5wpFbLx #SAvInd #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) January 6, 201814.25 IST: India finally open their account this morning with Rohit scoring 5 runs from Steyn’s over. IND 33/3 in 16 overs, trail by 253 runs 14.23 IST: Steyn to Rohit, Finally India score this morning. Slight width outside off, Rohit pushes it behind point and takes a single. Dean Elgar chases it down but then fumbles while picking the ball up and Rohit pounces on the opportunity to come back for the second. Gets off the mark on the 18th ball.14.21 IST: Steyn and Philander are giving nothing away having bowled two maidens each in-a-row. India 28/3, trail SA (286) by 258 runs14.15 IST: A slight delay as Pujara is getting hit bat repaired. A bit of a crack has developed on the willow. He is getting it taped up.14.13 IST: Three maidens bowled in a row, second in the day for Dale Steyn. India 28/3, trail SA (286) by 258 runs 14.09 IST: Philander follows in Steyn’s footsteps and bowls the second successive maiden for the Proteas. IND 28/3, trail SA (286) by 258 runs 14.05 IST: Vernon Philander to share the attack this morning with Steyn. Another issue with the sightscreen. There were plenty of these problems last evening as well.14.04 IST: Dale Steyn starts off the proceedings for the Proteas with a maiden over. India 28/3, trail SA (286) by 258 runs 14.00 IST: All set for play to begin on Day 2. Rohit Sharma will take first strike against Dale SteynPre-match updates:13.55 IST: Shaun Pollock is out there on the field and is being interviewed by the experts in the press box. The former fast bowler says that South Africa are ahead at the moment. Mentions there will be movement in the first hour and he expects the hosts to take some wickets. States that when South Africa come to India, it is said that they are vulnerable against the spinning ball. Feels that the top four quality Protea bowlers can put any top side under pressure in home conditions. Reckons that Rohit Sharma can prove to be dangerous. Opines that because of the bounce and carry on this surface, you don’t have to get a big stride forward. Adds that you have to get your eye in and build after that.13.48 IST: This is how the pitch at Newlands looks on the morning of Day 2All ready for Day 2 of the Sunfoil Test at Newlands #SAvIND #FreedomSeries #ProteaFire pic.twitter.com/KlbFT1NKpA- Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 6, 201813.45 IST: There will be a feeling lingering among many fans that India were found wanting against the moving ball yesterday. Perhaps the mentioned factor is not that much of a factor as compared to the batsmen throwing their wickets away. The pitch has bounce and seam movement but you need to apply yourself in order to flourish in the middle. It is the mindset which matters. Mental adaptability is of utmost importance and the visitors have failed to put that into effect so far.South Africa, on the other hand, have been persistent with their plans and have come out on top. Philander has been probing away in the fourth-stump channel while Steyn has provided him good company. They are likely to stick to what they have been doing because it has been reaping dividends so far. However, the good thing for the tourists is that the pair of Pujara and Sharma is still out there and they are pretty much capable of pulling the initiative back. Will the No. 1 Test side prove their mettle in testing conditions? Or will the hosts run away with the show? Expect a mouth-watering contest.Situation at Newlands heading into Day 2 of the #FreedomSeries #SAvIND #ProteaFire pic.twitter.com/6qH2dRHdhW- Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) January 6, 2018Brief Preview: South Africa pacers rocked India early as the hosts clawed their way back following a poor batting display on the first day of the first Test at Newlands in Cape Town on Friday.India had a disastrous start with Murali Vijay (1), Shikhar Dhawan (16) and captain Virat Kohli (5) falling without contributing much after the visitors bowled South Africa out for 286 runs.Vernon Philander, Dale Steyn and Morne Morne bowled probing spells as India crawled to 28/3 at the close of play on the first day, still trailing South Africa by 258 runs.That’s Stumps on Day 1 of the 1st Test with India 28/3 in 11 overs, trail South Africa (286) by 258 runs. #FreedomSeries #SAvIND pic.twitter.com/ao0aWcUEF1- BCCI (@BCCI) January 5, 2018However, Cheteshwar Pujara was batting on 5 and Rohit Sharma, who replaced Ajinkya Rahane in the playing XI, was at the other end at nought.Earlier, Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowled a devastating spell of pace bowling and picked a wicket in each of his first three overs to tear apart the South African batting line-up.Bhuvneshwar finished with 4/87 from his 19 overs to help India bundle South Africa out for 286. Ravichandran Ashwin picked up two wickets while Mohammed Shami, debutant Jasprit Bumrah and all-rounder Hardik Pandya chipped in with one wicket apiece.Bhuvneshwar snagged opener Dean Elgar with just the third ball of the day and then in the next two overs had Aiden Markram and Hashim Amla dismissed cheaply to have the home side reeling at 12 for three inside only the fifth over.But AB de Villiers staged a fight back as he took on Bhuvneshwar, hitting four 4s off him in an over as he relentlessly punished loose deliveries.Innings Break! South Africa all out for 286 runs.Updates – https://t.co/XYC5wpnAmX #FreedomSeries #SAvIND pic.twitter.com/XUDejWE30T- BCCI (@BCCI) January 5, 2018De Villiers reached his 50 off just 55 deliveries. Du Plessis was more circumspect at the other end, no doubt also reflecting on his decision to bat after winning the toss before the start of play.India’s early impetus was ended by a 114-run partnership for the fourth wicket between De Villiers and Du Plessis, who attacked the Indian bowlers and punished loose deliveries.last_img read more


first_imgXiaomi is set to launch a new smartphone — or will there be two — soon. Today, the company has revealed at least one of these phones is going to be a Note series phone, which is almost certain to be the Redmi Note 6 Pro that was earlier launched in global markets. Xiaomi on Thursday tweeted that it will launch a new Note series — read Redmi Note 6 Pro — on November 22.Update: Xiaomi India chief Manu Jain confirmed on his Twitter feed that the new phone is indeed the Note 6 Pro. He tweeted, “Mi fans! Today’s first #Super3 announcement is here for you: Pumped up to announce that #RedmiNote6Pro is coming to India! The new Note rises on 22.11.2018.”The Xiaomi teaser posted on Twitter has several camera lenses bunched together in it. This also hints at the Redmi Note 6 Pro because that phone comes with four cameras — two on front and two on the back. We already know a lot about the Redmi Note 6 Pro because the phone is already available in several markets globally. Here is what we know about the upcoming Note 6 Pro.Redmi Note 6 Pro key specs– The Redmi Note 6 Pro comes with a 6.26-inch screen, which has a notch, and a resolution of 1080×2280 pixels.– The Redmi Note 6 Pro is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor.– Globally the Redmi Note 6 Pro is available in three variants: 64GB storage with 4GB RAM. 32GB storage with 3GB RAM. And 32GB storage with 4GB RAM. It is possible that in India, only two variants will be launched.advertisement– On the back, there are two cameras. The primary camera uses a 12-megapixel sensor that is large enough to have 1.4um pixels. The secondary camera that helps in the Redmi Note 6 Pro’s portrait mode comes with 1 5-megapixel sensor.– On the front the Redmi Note 6 Pro comes with two cameras: a 20-megapixel main camera, and a 2-megapixel camera for the portrait feature.– The Redmi Note 6 Pro in India may use MIUI10 software, and it will have a fingerprint sensor located on the back cover.– For now, there is no hint of the price of the Redmi Note 6 Pro but chances are that the phone will be priced between Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 and hence will compete with some of the Nokia as well as with Xiaomi’s own Mi A2, which uses Android one software.last_img read more