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first_imgAlthough it’s hardly a new technology, recent cyber-skirmishes and demands for better privacy online have put the anonymizing network the Tor Project in the spotlight, including a story earlier this month in The New York Times Magazine, a harbinger perhaps of mainstream adoption. Tor has been around for almost a decade, originally developed by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and now used by activists, dissidents, journalists, and well, anyone in order to protect the privacy of online activities. According to the Tor Project’s metrics, the network has had between 100,000 and 300,000 users per day over the course of the past few months.How Tor WorksTor protects its users from surveillance known as “traffic analysis.” Even if you encrypt your data, as the Tor website notes, traffic analysis can still reveal “a great deal about what you’re doing and, possible, what you’re saying” as it focuses on the header used for routing – something that discloses the source, the destination, the date and time, and the size of what’s being send. Related Posts A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Flaws in the System?According to a report this week in Wired, researchers at the University of Regensburg have found some vulnerabilities in the Tor network. “The attack doesn’t quite make a surfer’s activity an open book,” writes Wired’s John Borland, “but offers the ability for someone on the same local network – a Wi-Fi network provider, or an ISP working at law enforcement (or a regime’s) request, for example – to gain a potentially good idea of sites an anonymous surfer is viewing.” According to the research, someone could run the Tor network, monitor how certain sites appeared when accessed through Tor, and develop a database of this sort of “fingerprint.” Using pattern recognition software, it’s possible to glean a match (with about 55% certainty) between a source and destination.The article does add that there are some ways to help mitigate against this and muddy any results: requesting multiple sites at once, for example, would complicate the analysis. And with increasing attention to privacy issues – from the prying eyes of advertisers and governments alike – it’s unlikely that this research will discourage people from using the Tor Network. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting audrey watters Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Tor obscures this traffic data. It works to anonymize your identity and activity by distributing your transactions over several places on the Internet, so that no single point can be linked to you or your destination – “a deliberately byzantine system of virtual tunnels that conceal the origins and destinations of data, and thus the identity of clients,” as The New York Times describes it. In other words, rather than taking a direct route from the source to destination, data on the Tor network takes a random pathway through several relays, so that no one can tell where the data came from, where it’s headed, or the complete path of the data. Each “hop” along the way is encrypted separately as well. Tor doesn’t solve all privacy problems online. (It doesn’t try to.) It doesn’t anonymize your visits to websites, prevent cookies or other tracking mechanisms, for example. But it does protect the traffic of your data along the way. Tags:#security#web 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more


first_imgActing on information that some Delhi-based businessmen were in touch with a few South African cricketers, Delhi Police tapped the phone in Cronje’s hotel room. Excerpts from a conversation with bookie Sanjay Chawla:Sanjay: HelloHansie: HelloSanjay: Hello, hi HansieHansie: Hello, hi SanjaySanjay: Yeah, I am in the lobby at the moment.,Acting on information that some Delhi-based businessmen were in touch with a few South African cricketers, Delhi Police tapped the phone in Cronje’s hotel room. Excerpts from a conversation with bookie Sanjay Chawla:Sanjay: HelloHansie: HelloSanjay: Hello, hi HansieHansie: Hello, hi SanjaySanjay: Yeah, I am in the lobby at the moment. Is it possible I can drop in for a few minutes?Hansie:Where are you? In the lobby?Sanjay:Yes.Hansie:You can come in.Sanjay: I can come in?Hansie:Yes, I am in 346.Sanjay: All right, see you in two minutes.Hansie:Yeah, okay. (Pause)Hansie: I had a look at pitch today, it can turn big.Sanjay: Is Strydom playing?Hansie:Yes, he is playing.Sanjay: Boje?Hansie: Boje is playing.Sanjay:Yeah, Boje is playing … and who is playing? Gibbs?Hansie: Gibbs and myself.Sanjay: Anybody else?Hansie: No.Sanjay: But you have only four withyou and not anybody else?Hansie: No.Sanjay: Klusener? No one?Hansie: No, no, impossible.(Pause)Hansie: The other guys are already angry with me because I have not received their money you know.Sanjay: No, but I told you but I havealready given him altogether 60.Hansie: Okay.Sanjay: And tomorrow I can deposit the money in your account, it is not a problem because of the time difference.Hansie: Okay, I have spoken. Yes,everything is fine. Spoken to Gibbsand to Williams and Strydom. Everything is fine.Sanjay: Alright, okay. And how many runs for Gibbs?Hansie: Less than 20. Sanjay: Okay, so everything is according to plan. They have to score at least 250? Hansie:Yes. Sanjay: If you score 270, it is off ? Hansie: Okay. The guys want 25. Sanjay: Alright, okay. Hansie: So that’s 75 for those three and … what can you pay me?Sanjay:You say. Hansie: You give me 140 for everybody. Sanjay: 140 altogether?Hansie:Yes. Sanjay: Okay. And one last thing I want to ask you. You know just in case India bat first and if they get out for less then 250 and when you come to bat in second innings, is it possible that you could ask Gibbs to … his wicket … we will score him out. And try and score slowly and not so fast so that you know … may be we can get out of it. Hansie: Okay. Sanjay: And just in case India is out for less than 250 if they bat first.Hansie: Okay, I will tell him. Sanjay:Yeah? Hansie: I will tell him Sanjay: And because if he starts scoring so early then we won’t be able to get out of it. Hansie: Okay. Not so early for the first five or six in the Indian innings.Sanjay:Yeah Hansie: Okay.advertisementlast_img read more


first_imgTouch Football Australia (TFA) has continued to review and subsequently updated the TFA Affiliate Regulations to comply with the TFA Constitution, related policies and best practice governing processes. It is a requirement under the TFA Constitution that all member states, affiliate entities and other linked bodies formally agree and comply to the TFA Affiliate Regulations – January 2015 version of these regulations. These Regulations will take effect from Sunday, 1 March 2015. There are various ways associations or other entities can officially affiliate, become aligned and or be recognised by TFA. The Affiliation Process ensures compliance as the official recognition of an Association (Competition) by, registering to, maintaining, or cancelling from the formal structure of Touch Football within Australia. The Affiliation Obligations have been developed to provide an overview of the process for an Association, while the Touch Football Australia Inc. Affiliate Regulations detail the specific requirements. Highlighted changes to the TFA Affiliate Regulations include: » Participation Framework – Affiliate Classification » Affiliate Obligations » Touch Football Australia Inc. Affiliate Regulations » Attachments (including ANX Forms, Practical Checklists, Affiliate Compliance Criteria) For all aspects of sport operation to occur with regard to policies and specifics, there must be a clear correlation between TFA and our member. This is provided in an agreement and/or recognition in constitutions by both parties. Members must regularly comply with membership renewal of Touch Football Australia (and associated State and Regional bodies) in accordance with Clause 14 and the procedures prescribed by the Board from time to time in these Regulations. Touch Football Australia continue to work with both the New South Wales and Queensland Touch Association’s to implement aligned processes consistent with the objectives above. For more information or to view the TFA Affiliate Regulations, please click on the attachments below. Related Filesmemorandum_-_affiliate_regulations_2015_update-pdfaffiliate_regulations_jan_2015-pdfRelated LinksTFA Affiliate Regulationslast_img read more