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first_imgBy Dialogo April 22, 2010 Port-au-Prince General Hospital is the largest hospital in Haiti. Some of its buildings were damaged during the earthquake, but with the help of international medical organizations it has remained open. On any given day, more than 300 patients arrive looking for care. More than two months after the quake, doctors are seeing less of the crush injuries they saw right after the earthquake. Now, as the rainy season begins, they’re concerned about infectious disease. Dr. Megan Coffee is an infectious disease specialist from California. She has spent the past two months volunteering at Port au Prince General Hospital. She’s concerned about the likely spread of infectious disease in Haiti. She said the medical needs of the population have changed since the January earthquake. She said doctors rarely see the cuts, crushed limbs, and broken bones that were common early on. “These tents use to be all orthopedic injuries, all people who had been injured in the earthquake,” said Dr. Coffee. “Now some of them are post-op patients, post surgical patients. Some are still patients remaining from the earthquake.” With the rainy season beginning and much of the population in closely confined spaces in tent cities, health workers are on the lookout for infectious and water-borne diseases. “The problems of typhoid and malaria are going to grow with tent cities, with people who don’t have the best sanitation, and, having sitting water which is the cause of both those diseases,” Dr. Coffee added. Tuberculosis, a highly contagious respiratory disease, is another concern. Of the 300 patients who come to the hospital each day, about 4 have tuberculosis. Stanley is one of them. “[Stanley] came in with tuberculosis that had filled up his entire left lung, and had also started to fill up his heart,” explained Dr. Cofee. “He came in quite ill, basically unable to breath and needed to have a tube put in to drain the fluid.” Dr. Coffee says in Haiti, patients often wait until a condition reaches a crisis stage before seeking treatment. And that makes recovery more difficult. “It is really important for people like him to be able to be treated,” she added. “Because otherwise, if they were to go home without full treatment, they would be quite infectious to all of their neighbors.” Stanley has been in the hospital for two months. Half that time was spent with tubes in his chest. Dr. Coffee says there’s no way to tell if malaria, typhoid, and tuberculosis are on the upswing since the earthquake. But with the rainy season looming, they could spread quickly.last_img read more


first_img Submit StumbleUpon Share Share William Hill has revealed that it has recorded significant pre-event wagers on Israel’s Netta Barzilai winning the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest (Lisbon -12 May).The bookmaker details that Barzilai’s song ‘Toy’ has been its early Eurovision market maker, revising Israel’s pop entry from 50/1 to its current market price of 5/4.Barzilai seeks to become Israel’s fourth Eurovision winner, as William Hill details its strongest pre-song contest odds.“Netta Barzilai might well be the perfect Eurovision entry, it is quirky, catchy and should it win we will lose a small fortune,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.So dominant is the Israeli contender’s early Eurovision form, that bookmakers have priced Estonia’s Elina Nechayeva – ‘La Forza’ and the Czech Republic’s Mikolas Josef – ‘Lie to me’ as 8/1 joint-second favourites.UK music will be represented by SuRie – ‘Storm’, winner of the BBC’s ‘Eurovision You Decide’ competition. However, bookmakers have priced the Essex singer at 100/1, representing the UK’s longest odds at winning the pop contest.The UK has not won a Eurovision Song Contest since Dublin 1997, when Katrina and the Waves –  ‘Love Shine a Light’ was crowned Europe’s best pop anthem.last_img read more


first_img (Getty Images) https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/ba/55/jimmy-garoppolo-110419-getty-ftrjpg_1tt8iwg55oen013kxl4jimvvq8.jpg?t=943670502&w=500&quality=80 It has been suggested the NFL should simply do away with its divisional format in order to reward each season’s best teams, but that is not necessary to achieve a just result. There is great utility in the divisional format:Scheduling: Having each member of a division play the other three members twice each, as well as the members of two other divisions, creates a relatively balanced schedule that adds integrity to the competition.Rivalry: Members of a division playing each other twice annually foments the dislike that leads to Cowboys-Skins, Bears-Packers, Niners-Rams.Consequence: Divisional races are part of the entertainment of professional sports. The Niners vs. the Seahawks will be an important part of what makes December in the current NFL season thrilling. The winner should be advantaged by a high seed and a first-round bye. The loser should not be condemned to play a road game against a team that hasn’t beaten an opponent with a winning record all year.Teams should get what they earn in the NFL. Under the current rules, too often they do not.Fixing that problem does not require radical change. It requires common sense. There must be a considerable supply available, because it’s sure not getting used up on the pass-interference replay reviews. This would be fine if the NFL’s playoff format was based on logic.Alas, it is based more on habit.MORE: Full NFL playoff picture for Week 14If the season were to end today, San Francisco and its 10-2 record would be headed to Dallas for a first-round playoff game. The Cowboys are 6-6. There is no universe in which a team that is 50 percent less successful has earned a competitive advantage in a championship tournament — except the NFL universe, which assures that all eight division winners shall play host to a postseason game.This sort of imbalance could happen in both conferences this season. In the AFC, Buffalo’s 9-3 record is superior to division leaders in both the West (Kansas City, 8-4) and South (Houston, 8-4).And this is not an unusual season. In fact, it’s rare when there isn’t at least one instance in the NFL playoffs where a team with a superior record is going on the road for a first-round playoff game simply because the NFL continues to insist on granting playoff advantages to its division champions, regardless of record.It has happened 15 times this decade. The only season in which there wasn’t at least one example of this inequity was 2017. There were three in 2010, and at least two in seven of nine completed seasons. And it hasn’t been without consequence: When sent on the road in the wild-card round, the team with the superior record has won only 53 percent of the time.In 2010, the 11-5 Saints visited the 7-9 Seahawks. A year later, it was the 12-4 Steelers shipped to Denver to play the 8-8 Broncos. An 11-5 Cardinals team was sent across the country to play a 7-8-1 Panthers team after the 2014 season. All of those visitors lost their playoff games.The NFL has seen this play out for decades, and its response has been inertia. The NBA responded to imbalances that developed in its playoff structure by making significant changes several years ago. The eight playoff teams in each conference now are seeded relative to their win-loss records. There is no reason for the NFL to continue resisting similar logic.The NFL does not need radical change to fix what’s wrong. It just needs a roomful of open minds willing to consider the obvious; that a division championship should guarantee entry into the playoffs, but not preferred entry. Excellence always should warrant the greatest returns.MORE NFL PLAYOFFS:First AFC team to clinch could be … the Bills? The 49ers have been one of the dominant teams of the 2019 NFL season from the moment Mitch Wishnowsky put his toe to the football and launched it into the air above Raymond James Stadium on the second Sunday in September. When it landed, the Buccaneers proceeded to go three-and-out, and the 49ers were launched into a season of renewed excellence.Only five of the league’s 32 teams have reached double-figures in victories through 13 weeks, and the 49ers, at 10-2, are one. The problem: One of the other four, the Seahawks, compete in the same division, the NFC West. That means either the 49ers or Seahawks will be forced to enter the playoffs as a wild-card team.last_img read more