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first_imgThe Swiss trade union federation has called for the country’s central bank to “return” to pension funds the money it has made from its negative interest rates.ASIP, the country’s pension fund association, has said it supports the call in principle, while the Swiss National Bank (SNB) has pointed out that it does not impose negative interest rates on pension funds and cannot therefore make any refunds to them.The trade union organisation – SGB in its German acronym, USS in its French – made the appeal in the context of its annual press conference earlier this year.It said the Swiss National Bank (SNB) should pay some CHF1.2bn (€1.1bn) – the money it says it has collected from negative interest rates – to the country’s pension funds. It suggested this be done via the insolvency protection fund for the second pillar, the Sicherheitsfonds.This would somewhat alleviate the pressure on pension funds, according to the trade union organisation.It also called for the first-pillar social security fund (Compenswiss) to be fully exempt from negative interest rates.In a statement, an SNB spokeswoman told IPE this was already the case, although the SGB’s chief economist then noted it was only exempt up to a certain threshold. In February 2015, the SNB introduced a negative rate of 0.75% on deposit account balances held with the central bank.The country’s pension fund association, ASIP, has on several occasions called for an exemption from the negative interest rates for pension funds, but these calls have gone unheeded.Pension funds do not hold accounts at the central bank, but, in addition to being under pressure from the low-yield environment, they are affected by the negative interest rates to the extent that banks pass on the costs to them. The trade union federation’s suggestion is a new twist on calls for relief for pension funds from the central bank’s negative interest rates.ASIP has said the trade union’s proposal for a reimbursement is generally welcome.However, it said there were open questions about the amount of “any additional financing source” and that the proposal also ultimately failed to address the main problem pension funds have to contend with – namely, the low-interest-rate environment in general, rather than negative interest “on liquidity”.The association also said it would need to be seen how such a payment transfer could be implemented, and whether doing so via the insolvency protection fund would be the most effective route.It said every reimbursement was helpful but suggested this would need to be balanced against the implementation cost and the amount to be distributed.SNB, in turn, told IPE that, because it does not impose negative interest rates on Pensionskassen – as they do not have accounts with the central bank – these cannot be returned.It also said the earnings from negative interest, largely paid by banks, go towards the SNB’s general accounts and that a separate payout is not possible under the law.In 2015, the SNB made CHF1.2bn from negative interest, and over the first three quarters of 2016 the amount was CHF1.1bn.A portion of any profits made by the SNB is distributed to the Swiss government and the cantons.The central bank has provisionally calculated that it will make a profit of more than CHF24bn for the 2016 financial year.It foresees making a dividend payment of CHF15 per share to investors, while the Confederation and the cantons will get CHF1.5bn; this is the regular payment of CHF1bn plus a top-up.last_img read more


first_img Promoted ContentThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MorePortuguese Street Artist Creates Hyper-Realistic 3D Graffiti2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This YearA Guy Turns Gray Walls And Simple Bricks Into Works Of ArtWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?6 Incredibly Strange Facts About Hurricanes8 Best 1980s High Tech GadgetsCelebrities Showing Support For George Floyd Protests7 Worst Things To Do To Your PhoneBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For ThemCan Playing Too Many Video Games Hurt Your Body?The Models Of Paintings Whom The Artists Were Madly In Love With Manchester United said the coronavirus outbreak cut the football club’s third-quarter revenue by about 23 million pounds ($28.1 million). Chief Financial Officer Cliff Baty gave the estimate on a conference call after an earnings update that included a 15-million-pound rebate United will pay to broadcasters for football fixtures halted because of the pandemic. The return of those funds meant United’s broadcasting sales fell by more than half year-over-year to 26 million pounds. That left total revenue down about 19 per cent at 123.7 million pounds, the club said in a statement that provided its first update since matches were suspended in March. Man United Chief Financial Officer Cliff BatyAdvertisement Loading… center_img The company withdrew its previous financial guidance for the year because of “ongoing uncertainty due to COVID-19 and the evolving related economic and financial consequences”, The pandemic has ravaged the international sporting calendar, disrupting football leagues around the world. Germany’s top-flight professional league resumed matches on Saturday, with spectators barred from stadiums. United’s rebate calculation was based on 29 Premier League fixtures covered up to the end of the third quarter, a spokesman said, adding that the remaining nine games will be accounted for in the fourth-quarter report. Baty added on the call that the rebate would rise to 20 million pounds for the full year as a result. Read AlsoIghalo nears Man Utd extension amid foreign stars ban in China The shares fell as much as 6.4 per cent in New York and remain down about 21 per cent year-to-date, despite a recovery from their March lows. United and their English rivals have resumed training under instruction from the Premier League to maintain social distancing. Six people from three clubs in the division were shown to have contracted COVID-19 this week after 748 players and staffers were tested. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 last_img read more


first_imgUPDATE: Smith spoke with NFL Media’s Jim Trotter about the coin toss decision.I asked Geno Smith what he called during the coin toss for overtime. His answer … pic.twitter.com/Idz3KRNU1z— Jim Trotter (@JimTrotter_NFL) November 12, 2019Trotter says Smith confirmed to him that he called “heads.” He also explained his reasoning for calling “heads” which doesn’t really make sense, but we’ll let him roll with it. According to Trotter, Smith told him he called “heads” because Russell Wilson called “tails” earlier in the game.This is a fine reason, but then Smith went on to say it involved math, which, no it doesn’t. Either way, Smith confirmed he said “heads.” Geno Smith calls tails during OT coin flipRef says he called HeadsSeahawks given ballLadies and Gentleman, NFL officiating… 🤦‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/Y1WRk4rKfx— NFL Memes (@NFL_Memes) November 12, 2019MORE: 49ers kicker Chase McLaughlin almost hit someone in the tunnel with shanked kickIt’s similar to the Yanny or Laurel debate that became popular in 2018. Essentially, whichever word you’re trying to hear, you will hear. So if you watch that video expecting to hear “tails” then you’ll hear what appears to be Smith saying “tails.”Also, if Smith did say “tails” he wouldn’t correct the official because “heads” ended up giving Seattle the ball. So it’s an important distinction as to what he said. But a high quality version of the coin flip makes it clear Smith is saying “heads.”Take a listen.Even if this video doesn’t convince you, the actions of the players should.The official says “your call is heads” and there was enough time for Smith to stop him and say “no I said tails,” if he wanted. But Smith doesn’t stop him. On the other side, Richard Sherman doesn’t react at all. If Smith said “tails,” then Sherman would have certainly said something.Take a look at an actual coin flip snub where Jerome Bettis clearly says “tails” but the official says “heads is the call.” Bettis and other Steelers players corrected the official right away before they knew the result of the coin flip.Smith reacted to the coin flip debate on social media, tweeting: “Basically how the media works now a days.. clout chasing ruined the world!”And as for the success of the coin flip, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll discussed that on his radio show appearance on 710 ESPN.”He’s all time,” Carroll said about Smith’s coin toss decisions. “They were chanting his name when he was walking out there. ‘Geno! Geno!’ It was awesome.”All of this is a long-winded way of saying Geno Smith called heads. Geno Smith is involved in a controversy over whether he said “heads” or “tails” during the overtime coin flip in the Seahawks’ win over the 49ers on “Monday Night Football.”But the “controversy” only exists because there’s a poorly recorded video of the call in question. A tweet from an NFL meme account has more than 19,000 likes suggesting Smith says “tails.” And if you listen to the audio, it does kind of sound like he says “tails.”last_img read more


first_img» JOE SWEENEYDundrum SouthMMS1691:09:132» CRAIG ROBERTSMMS1711:15:373» CHRIS MCGUINNESSFoyle Valley ACMMS2241:16:184» DAVID GRAHAMMMS1491:16:455» PADRAIG MCKINNEYMM451721:18:596» MARK MULLANCity Of DerryMM352231:19:347» PAULINE CURLEYFFS1731:20:138» SHANE DOHERTYInishowen A.C.MMS1531:26:139» PAUL MURRAYFinn Valley A.C.MMS2451:26:1610» JONATHAN BURKEMMS361:26:3111» DAVID MC MENAMINMMS941:26:3512» ANDREW WALLACEFoyle Valley ACMM40491:26:3913» DAVID PORTERInishowen A.C.MMS571:27:1414» GERARD DOHERTYInishowen A.C.MM401901:27:3015» BRENDAN DEVLINMM351251:27:5716» GARVIN DOHERTYNWTCMM352601:27:5817» CLAIRE MCGUIGANLifford A.C.FFS2401:28:1018» SEAN DUDEONMMS2351:28:1119» PHILIP CALLAGHANInishowen A.C.MM40761:28:3120» MARINA CAMPBELLCity Of DerryFFS1761:28:4621» THOMAS MOORESpringwell Running ClubMM401291:29:0422» FINBAR GALLAGHERInishowen A.C.MM452361:29:2723» GERARD MULLANSpringwell Running ClubMM501361:29:3224» CHRIS SANDYMMS2201:29:3325» NIGEL DAVENPORTMM351021:29:4226» PAUL COSGROVELetterkenny A.C.MM451341:29:4627» SHAUN MCMENAMINInishowen A.C.MM50991:29:5028» BENNY MCDAIDMMS1931:29:5329» OWENIE MC KINNEYInishowen A.C.MM401331:30:3730» ANDRZEJ FREDOREKMMS1861:30:4330» COLIN DEAN24/7 TriathlonMM351881:30:4332» AISLING ALLUMOlympian Triathlon ClubFFS2431:30:5333» JOSEPH CLARKEMMS1961:31:3234» DAVID O’CONNORNWTCMM352701:31:3935» CHRISTIAN MCGINLEYInishowen A.C.MM402211:31:4336» PATRICK HARGANMM402611:32:2037» CALLAGHAN ADRIANMM401151:32:3138» OLIVER MURPHYMM401541:32:3839» PATRICK MC CALLIONMM40511:32:4540» BARRY DOHERTYMM40591:32:5341» SEAMUS DOHERTYInishowen A.C.MM35801:32:5842» RICHARD SHANNONOmagh HarriersMM45231:33:0543» SHAUN MC DAIDMMS1441:33:1444» GAVIN HUNTERMMS1461:33:1645» RICHARD GALLAGHERFOYLEVALLEYMM352421:34:0146» GERARD CAMPBELLLifford A.C.MM45751:34:1347» JAMIE GALLAGHERMMS1501:34:4548» SEAMUS MAGUIREMM4091:34:4949» SEAMIE NALLENMM35841:34:5950» FRANKIE LAVELLEInishowen A.C.MM401241:35:0851» NIGEL MOREWOODMM401451:35:3452» NEIL HARTINMMS261:35:4353» EDWARD DOHERTYMMS2561:35:4354» CONNOR MULKERNSMMS1831:36:1355» MARTIN MCGIRRMM35681:36:2155» AARON MOORELifford A.C.MMS2251:36:2157» LIAM MCKINNEYInishowen A.C.MM401561:36:3758» MICHAEL COLLINSInishowen A.C.MM45961:36:3958» THERESA DOHERTYInishowen A.C.FF352171:36:3960» JOHN MC ELROYMM35171:36:4261» SARAH-MARIE DOHERTYFFS1751:36:4662» TON BANGERTRaphoeMM552181:37:0863» STEPHEN ROARTYOptimal FitnessMM352621:37:1264» SEAN BRADLEYMMS2681:37:1765» SHAUN COLHOUNLifford A.C.MM40641:37:2466» CIARA NEAVYFFS1771:37:4167» JOHN CASSIDYMMS1011:37:5268» GARY MCGUCKINMM402441:37:5469» LIAM MCGINTYFinn Valley A.C.MM451571:37:5970» EDMUND DOHERTYMM352221:38:0671» DONAL MULHOLLANDMM35331:38:1172» LIAM MAGUIRELifford A.C.MM40611:38:1473» FRANCIS DOWLINGMMS1671:38:1974» CIARA FRASERFFS1551:38:1975» MIRIAM BRIDGEFFS1741:38:2476» STEPHEN KERRSperrin HarriersMM351631:38:4077» JIM PORTERMM451421:38:5478» CIARAN QUINNMM40431:39:1179» NOEL LYNCHLetterkenny A.C.MM451261:39:2680» DESSIE GOYVAETSMMS1841:39:3881» MICHAEL DONAGHEYInishowen A.C.MM5061:39:4982» MICHEAL DUNCANLifford A.C.MM502011:39:5883» SEAN MOLLOYFoyle Valley ACMM40161:40:0684» SHARON MC DAIDInishowen A.C.FF35621:40:0985» DAVID WYLIEFoyle Valley ACMM452331:40:3386» DOMINIC CARLINLifford A.C.MM40651:40:4487» NICOLA BROWNFF35381:40:5388» HENRIETTA ELVESInishowen A.C.FF40811:41:0189» SHANE KERRIGANMM402661:41:1090» BRENDAN WHELANMM40911:41:1991» GERARD HIRRELLMM401381:41:4192» JOHN MURRAYMM45711:41:4293» PAUL LEELetterkenny A.C.MM452641:41:5694» LEE BRINKLEYMM35891:42:1695» KEVIN GALLAGHERMM45701:42:4796» DARRYL MCGEEInishowen A.C.MMS1851:42:5997» SEAMUS MC DAIDMM40771:43:1898» ANDREW MURPHYMM352191:43:2099» ELIZABETH MC DAIDInishowen A.C.FF40391:43:30100» GERRY KENNEDYMM501921:44:09101» JONATHAN SCAHILLMM40221:44:16102» TRINA MHIC DHONAILLInishowen A.C.FF40921:44:26103» PETER MCKINNEYINISHOWENMM551781:44:26104» PAUL NAREELIFFORDMM452001:44:41105» JOSEPH MCGLYNNFinn Valley A.C.MMS1211:45:09106» MICHAEL MCLAUGHLINMM35901:45:17107» DANNY MC DAIDMMS1431:45:47108» PAUL DOHERTYMM452541:45:52109» BARRY MCLAUGHLINMM40721:46:04110» NIALL CROSSANMMS521:46:13111» DESSIE GIBSONMM55461:46:14112» SEAMUS GRANTMM401911:46:15113» JASON REGANMM35731:46:30114» FINBAR MULLINMM552141:46:35115» KEITH MCCRACKENMM502111:46:49116» MICHAEL PORTERMM352761:46:54117» BERNARD MCLAUGHLINInishowen A.C.MM351041:47:23118» JOHN LYNCHMM451271:47:45119» JOE CURRANMM402581:47:50120» PADDY CRAMPSEYMMS1111:47:53121» JOHN DOHERTYMM452461:48:03122» ANDREW MC DERMOTTMM401661:48:04123» BREEGE COLLINSInishowen A.C.FF45951:48:05124» MICHAEL DOHERTYMM502081:48:21125» NOEL MCCARNEYMM351031:49:00126» MARK DONAGHEYLIFFORDMM402341:49:23127» CIARAN O DONNELLMMS1221:49:29128» LIAM FRIELMMS2531:49:46129» WILLIAM FRIELMM401051:49:51130» JAMES DAVENPORTMM401581:50:01131» MARTIN LILLEYMM45531:50:20132» BRIAN CAMPBELLFoyle Valley ACMM352721:50:31133» JOHANNE MC COLGANInishowen A.C.FF35121:50:33134» SIOBHAN MCLAUGHLINInishowen 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A.C.FF401191:54:17161» CAHIR DOHERTYMM501091:54:50162» ANNE DOHERTYInishowen A.C.FF40601:55:01163» KYLE DOHERTYREACHMMS2521:55:03164» KEVIN COYLEREACH Running ClubMM352411:55:03165» CONOR MC GOOHANMMS1601:55:17166» EDDIE MCFADDENRosses A.C.MM501981:55:24167» GREG MCDAIDMM35441:55:40168» LYNN PARKEFFS2051:56:21169» NIAMH MC CARTHYFFS291:56:34170» DARREN WALLACEFoyle Valley ACMMS411:56:34171» RACHEL BELLFF351481:56:46172» ERIC PIERCEMM501411:56:53173» EAMONN DIVERMM451071:56:58174» JOE MCDAIDMM352731:57:00175» TONY GRAHAMMM352571:57:00176» MARK LAFFERTYMMS481:57:01177» MARIE O DONNELLInishowen A.C.FF35181:57:04178» MARTIN TOYEMM402291:57:12179» FRANCES SHAWInishowen A.C.FF351801:57:19180» CATHERINE DOHERTYFFS371:57:24181» Maria McLaughlinInishowen A.C.FF352371:57:27182» OWEN MARTIN MC DAIDMM401001:57:30183» GRACE O’DONNELLFFS1521:57:30184» Alan McPeritMMS2151:58:01185» PAUL GALLAGHERCranfordMM402311:58:01186» SHANE CROSSANMM401891:58:08187» SHAUNA MULLANNWTCFF402471:58:11188» JAMES SHARKEYMM401181:58:41189» SARAH WEBSTERInishowen A.C.FF351201:58:48190» JOSEPH QUIGLEYMM50661:59:20191» ANNE MCELHINNEYInishowen A.C.FF552321:59:31192» SADIE MCDEVITTRosses A.C.FF452132:00:07193» GEORGE GILLMMS862:00:20194» VINCENT O’NEILLMM50832:00:28195» COLM MCDAIDMM402262:00:30196» CAROLINE MCGONIGLEInishowen A.C.FF35502:00:40197» PATRICIA COYLEFF401872:00:45198» MARIE MULHERNInishowen A.C.FF35982:00:51199» SINEAD THORNTONBREAKAWAYFF352282:00:51200» EMER ALEXANDERFFS1352:00:52201» TRICIA MORAN DOHERTYFF50272:01:08202» MICHELLE MCDAIDFFS42:01:29203» KATHLEEN GRIFFENRosses A.C.FF402092:01:49204» LIAM MCCONWAYMM502672:02:03205» JOHN MC CANDLESSInishowen A.C.MM4052:02:18206» DENISE MCCARRONFF402382:02:22207» BRID MC CAFFREYFF45472:02:39208» BRIAN MURRAYMM351392:02:47209» BREDA BRADLEYFFS932:03:27210» ROISIN MCCOLGANFF351282:03:27211» JOHN MULHERNMM401172:03:34212» SINEAD GRANTFF35792:04:48213» COLLEEN MC DAIDFFS872:04:54214» SANDRA WHORISKEYFF35822:04:54215» LUCIA MULLANFoyle Valley ACFF452482:05:27216» CONDY DOHERTYMM551102:05:36217» LIAM GALLAGHERMM45552:06:01218» GLEN ADAIRMM401792:07:02219» PATSY CARLINREACH Running ClubMM502772:07:20220» MARTIN DOHERTYREACH Running ClubMMS2512:07:43221» MICHAEL WATTERSMM451162:07:48222» CLAIRE HEGARTYFFS1822:07:58223» MAUREEN DOHERTYFF452592:09:06224» COLIN MAUNSELLMM401082:09:20225» MAIREAD MCLAUGHLINFFS342:09:26226» GERALDINE JACKSONFF45302:09:31227» CHARLENE MCKINNEYFFS1652:10:49228» CLAIRE MC GILLIGANFFS1642:10:49229» PATRICIA BARNETTInishowen A.C.FF40972:10:54230» CLAIRE MCLOUGHLINFFS2742:12:10231» ANNE RODGERSRosses A.C.FF40632:12:16232» PATRICIA ODONNELLFF351472:12:43233» DENISE BRADLEYFFS2062:15:37234» EMMA MCGRATHFFS1062:16:36235» SONYA MCGRORYInishowen A.C.FF351972:18:01236» DANIELLE GRANTInishowen A.C.FFS102:18:01237» PATRICIA MCLAUGHLINInishowen A.C.FF402032:18:02238» MARIA MCELWAINEInishowen A.C.FF402042:19:03239» GRÁINE GILLENInishowen A.C.FF452022:19:37240» KATE FARRELLFF55672:19:46241» BERNIE MCLOUGHBOLTFF502632:21:05242» DEIRDRE MCKERRFF452652:21:14243» LISA HEGARTYFFS1812:21:44244» LIAM GRANTMMS202:22:35245» LORNA O’DONNELLRosses A.C.FF451402:23:04246» JAMES SMYTHMM551302:23:37247» SEAN DOUGLASMM351372:24:14248» MARY ROSE LAVERYInishowen A.C.FF352162:26:07249» BRIDIE BALDRICKFF551232:26:07250» KATHLEEN DOHERTYInishowen A.C.FF40422:26:40Page:12>RESULTS FROM THE INISHOWEN HALF MARATHON was last modified: April 14th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:2014Inishowen Half MarathonResultslast_img read more