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first_imgklint finley Related Posts Even with conservative estimates, it’s easy to make the case that large call centers have customer influence on par with, if not greater than, that of mass advertising campaigns. (Assuming a call center with 3,000 agents and an average of only 50 calls per agent per day, a company has the opportunity to make 1.05 million personal connections each week — and 54.6 million each year.)What should be done?“Instead of sinking millions of dollars into call center technology projects, companies like American Express, Esurance, Lands’ End, and Zappos.com, which are known for delivering great call center experiences, have focused on creating a customer-centric call center culture,” Bodine writes.We’ve touched on this before, when covering Gartner’s analysis of CRM’s failure to improve customer satisfaction.More customers may turn to social media for support, but according to other Forrester research, few are doing so. Last year Zendesk Vice President of Product Management Maksim Ovsyannikov told us that the company is adding multichannel support options, citing Gartner research that over 60% of customer interactions still take place on the phone.There are technological investments that could enhance a call center. Some are smart, like Salesforce.com’s integration of Apple FaceTime. Some are kooky, like using predictive analytics to match a customer’s personality with a representative.  And having slow computers or a bad phone system won’t help anything either. But it’s all secondary to having a good work environment for the customers on the front lines.Photo by Vitor Lima IT + Project Management: A Love Affair Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… Tags:#Communications#enterprise “Call centers treat agents like slave labor,” writes Forrester analyst Kerry Bodine. She suggests that instead of spending money on the latest technology – cloud, mobile, social analytics and all that stuff we like so much – companies should invest more into their call center employees. Why invest in those employees, instead of advertising campaigns, better websites or social CRM? Because those call center workers reach more customers each month than any marketing campaign.last_img read more


first_imgLearn how to condense and organize your expression based presets using Pseudo Effects in After Effects.If you’ve had any experience with creating expression based templates or presets in AE, than you probably know how disorganized your control layers can look. Usually there is no fixing this problem. However, with a little HTML editing and basic scripting, you can easily create simple Pseudo Effects in After Effects. Pseudo Effects are sometimes referred to as “custom expression controls” or “custom effect controls.” Whatever you call them, they can add a level of organization to your presets.In the following video tutorial created by Jesse Toula of BatchFrame, we’ll take a look at how to create Pseudo Effects in After Effects. This tutorial covers:Expression ControllersBasic HTML CodingBasic ExtendScript Scripting If you’re new to scripting, you can also check out Jesse’s AE Scripting Series on the BatchFrame website. If you want to learn more about writing expressions in After Effects, check out a few of the following resources on the PremiumBeat blog:How to Write If/Else Expressions in After EffectsTop 5 After Effects Expressions for Better DesignsAfter Effects Quick Tip: Linking Layers to CheckboxesHave any other After Effectstips for using or integrating Pseudo Effects into your current After Effects workflow? Share in the comments below.last_img read more


first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Southampton midfielder Will Smallbone thrilled with new dealby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveSouthampton midfielder Will Smallbone has signed a new contract.The 18 year-old has penned terms to 2021.“It’s amazing, I’ve been at the club now for quite a while so it feels good to first be offered a contract and then to get it signed,” he said, “it’s a dream come true.”“It’s a really proud moment for my family; I remember I got the call after the Manchester United game and Craig Fleming told me that they were looking to offer me a new contract. I told my mum straight away and she was just so proud.”Smallbone added: “Hopefully with the new manager coming in, if I keep playing well then I can catch the eye and try make my debut with the first team as soon as I can.” last_img read more


first_imgAPTN National NewsAPTN’s NAIG host Waneek Horn-Miller chats with Wilton Littlechild who is one of the founders of the Games.last_img


first_imgSurveys were put forth to get public opinion on the use for this space and now the City would like to share the results of the engagement process by discussing building options such as either a wood or metal structure with Council and a breakdown of the cost to build either option one or two.The City hopes to start project tendering in March 2019 and begin construction in April with completion in September 2019. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The City is approaching Council next week with a presentation for the Festival Plaza Conceptual Development.The City will ask Council, on December 10th after their presentation, if they wish to proceed with one of the two design options and for any further input in regards to the configuration of the space and access by possible roads. The City will ask the type of building that Council will prefer and does Council want the City to look further into public opinion regarding the festival plaza.$1.2 Million Dollars was allocated from the Peace River Agreement signing bonus in 2015 for the development of this space. This new space in Centennial Park aligns with the City’s strategic plan to use downtown as a social, vibrant hub.last_img read more


first_imgHow was the experience of shooting for season 2 different from season 1? At the time of season 1, web shows had just come out and nobody was willing to invest their money and take the risk. TVF was amongst the first ones to make a web series, so in that sense we were all under a bit of pressure. We got lucky as they liked the script, agreed to the concept, trusted us and gave an opportunity to make it happen. Secondly, Tripling was more like working with friends. The director was not from the company, and I had recommended Rajesh Krishnan’s name. He was sweet enough to agree and get on board. Director Sameer Saxena, who has helmed ‘Permanent Roommates’, was also involved in the first season of ‘Tripling’. So, working together with people known to me was amazing. Also Read – An income drop can harm brainOn the other hand, in season 2, the pressure had gone because season 1 did pretty well. The web series was being accepted and the audience had found some sort of connect with the characters of ‘Tripling’. In that way, it was altogether a different experience. Has the bonding with co-actors strengthened over the years. Can you share any interesting memory from the set? Yes, definitely. Not only because we have been shooting together, but also because we have seen each other grow over the years as individuals, actors and also in terms of popularity. In season 1, not many people were aware of who we are, or what our talent is. By the time we reached season 2, everyone knew about our work. Also Read – Shallu Jindal honoured with Mahatma Award As co-actors, we have developed a lot more trust in each other. We celebrated Diwali during the shoots of ‘Tripling’. We were in Sikkim and had no option to go home. So, we stayed together and enjoyed the celebration like one big family. You have worked in different spaces as an actor. What is one advantage and one disadvantage of working in a web series? I don’t see any disadvantage of working in a web series. The advantage is that you are a bit free as an actor and artist. You don’t feel like there is a protocol hanging on your neck. Just like our audience, who steps in with an open and relaxed mind to watch a web series; we as actors, creators, and directors also enjoy the comfort to express ourselves freely while working on that web show. This is definitely an advantage. The disadvantage earlier was that people did not want to accept actors from web series as mainstream. They weren’t considered serious about the art; but fortunately, the perception has changed now.What were your expectations from the second season? How has the response been so far? My expectations were not to disappoint the audience, and treat the story as organically as possible. I think we have achieved that. I also hoped that people would remember the characters, and it definitely happened. The response has been phenomenal. Well, there’s also a bit of criticism, which is fair and valid. We take it all, and perhaps try to make it better the next time. We wanted to make some sort of shift in the way second season moves – so that there could be a differentiating factor between the two seasons. But in the end, what matters is that the audience has really appreciated and loved the episodes. Did the success of season 1 create pressure to deliver something which could surprise your audience? Not really. There was no pressure as such. Rather, it was more like a responsibility to give them what they expected. People have shown so much love to all the characters and audience is really connected to each one of them (Chandan, Chitvan, and Chanchal). So, I was aware that I just cannot fool around with this story. One emotion you experienced while shooting for Tripling 2… I would have to say ‘Family bonding’. When we were shooting the first season, it was a very different space. During the second season, I really enjoyed the family vibe that this season so perfectly encapsulates. Even in terms of the shooting experience, it was like that. Amol, Maanvi and I were shooting together, and there was some genuine bonding happening. As I shared earlier, in the last schedule of Sikkim, we celebrated Diwali together. So, that feeling was constant throughout the season. After working in the entertainment industry for such a long time, do you feel the experience has helped you evolve as a writer? Yes, it definitely has. With time, you learn to use your experiences in life for the sake of art. Over time you become more observant than regular people – when you travel, when things happen to you. You feel and experience every bit of life. In that sense, it has really worked for me. Not just as a writer, it has helped me as an actor as well.After the success of two seasons, will the siblings be back for the third chapter? The fact that second season has done so well, I hope that third season happens sooner. We took almost 2-3 years to come up with the second season, but surely we won’t take that long to churn out the third chapter . Sameer Saxena is the right man to answer this question.CANDID TALKTurning point in your life’Permanent Roommates’One genre you wish to explore as an actor and writerActionA director you want to work withImtiaz Ali, for sureA movie/role you wanted to doAmitabh Bachchan’s part in original AgneepathIf given a chance. whose biopic would you like to be a part ofSatyajit Ray’s biopicYour childhood celebrity crushMini MathurTitle of your biography’There’s more to it than what meets the eye’Which is your favourite filmEternal sunshine of a spotless mindA superpower you wish you hadInvisibilityYour guilty pleasureDefinitely, eating!(Inputs by Sumeet Vyas)last_img read more