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Achilles Injuries

first_imgWhy are there so many Achilles tendon injuries?  I have noticed that Achilles injuries occur at least 2 to 3 times per week in pro sports.  I looked up some information that might explain these injuries.First of all, when a person does a short speed burst, there is ankle pronation (ankle pushes out) followed by the heel striking the ground hard.  Then the toes jam into the turf and push the body forward.  This combination of events puts a lot of pressure on the tissues that bind the Achilles tendon to the calf muscle.  Add to this the fact that the Achilles gets a low amount of blood, and you have found the reasons they sometimes tear.Runners often strain their tendons because the leg is constantly and rapidly moving up and down.  This rapid repetition of pushing off of the ground tends to pull at the tendon.  Any slight variation from normal running can cause a strain, partial tear, or total tear.  This normally happens when someone steps on a rough surface or in a hole in the ground.These are two of the most common reasons for the Achilles injuries.last_img

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