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Men’s basketball: Brush up on new NCAA rules, officiating initiatives for 2015-16 season

first_imgWith college basketball kicking off across the nation this weekend, it’s important to have a refresher on some of the changes the NCAA made during the offseason.The shot-clock has been shortened from 35 seconds to 30, and the three-foot arc under the basket is now four-feet.Brazzoni: College hoops “unwatchable” because of system, not shot clockThe long NBA season wrapped up in mid-June and it ended with the Golden State Warriors taking home their first Read…Here are some other points of emphasis the NCAA said officials will be on the lookout for during the 2015-16 season.We’ve highlighted a few key aspects below:Shooters kicking their legs out This has been a tactic shooters have used to draw a foul, usually from three-point range. Officials have been instructed to not blow their whistle if they deem a shooter has done this. But if the kick and contact is severe enough, officials can rule it an offensive foul.Offense no longer allowed to score on charging fouls In past seasons, if the ball had been released before contact was made, the basket would count. In 2015-16, though, regardless of whether the ball goes in or not, the points will not count on a charging call.Officials can use replay monitors at any point to determine shot-clock violations The example used in the NCAA new rules video shows Nigel Hayes driving to the hoop against Kentucky in the national semifinal win. Because the controversy happened with more than two minutes left in the game, officials couldn’t use replay monitors to determine whether or not Hayes got the shot off in time.Emphasis on vertical spaceThe NCAA defines vertical space as a “cylinder” above the offensive player, so he can “make a basketball move.” If the space is violated, it should be a foul.Faking Fouls Officials will have the chance to review whether or not players have faked getting fouled. If the refs determine a player has faked a foul, the opposing team will be awarded two shots and the player will receive a technical foul.10-second clock to advance ball past halfcourt Teams now have the ability to call timeout before the ball crosses halfcourt and renew the 10-second limit to move the ball into the offensive half.You can watch the video the NCAA released to see all of the changes. For some reason, there are a lot of Wisconsin-Kentucky highlights there.last_img

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