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The Geno Smith coin toss conspiracy is the dumbest thing in Seahawks’ win over 49ers

first_imgUPDATE: Smith spoke with NFL Media’s Jim Trotter about the coin toss decision.I asked Geno Smith what he called during the coin toss for overtime. His answer … pic.twitter.com/Idz3KRNU1z— Jim Trotter (@JimTrotter_NFL) November 12, 2019Trotter says Smith confirmed to him that he called “heads.” He also explained his reasoning for calling “heads” which doesn’t really make sense, but we’ll let him roll with it. According to Trotter, Smith told him he called “heads” because Russell Wilson called “tails” earlier in the game.This is a fine reason, but then Smith went on to say it involved math, which, no it doesn’t. Either way, Smith confirmed he said “heads.” Geno Smith calls tails during OT coin flipRef says he called HeadsSeahawks given ballLadies and Gentleman, NFL officiating… 🤦‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/Y1WRk4rKfx— NFL Memes (@NFL_Memes) November 12, 2019MORE: 49ers kicker Chase McLaughlin almost hit someone in the tunnel with shanked kickIt’s similar to the Yanny or Laurel debate that became popular in 2018. Essentially, whichever word you’re trying to hear, you will hear. So if you watch that video expecting to hear “tails” then you’ll hear what appears to be Smith saying “tails.”Also, if Smith did say “tails” he wouldn’t correct the official because “heads” ended up giving Seattle the ball. So it’s an important distinction as to what he said. But a high quality version of the coin flip makes it clear Smith is saying “heads.”Take a listen.Even if this video doesn’t convince you, the actions of the players should.The official says “your call is heads” and there was enough time for Smith to stop him and say “no I said tails,” if he wanted. But Smith doesn’t stop him. On the other side, Richard Sherman doesn’t react at all. If Smith said “tails,” then Sherman would have certainly said something.Take a look at an actual coin flip snub where Jerome Bettis clearly says “tails” but the official says “heads is the call.” Bettis and other Steelers players corrected the official right away before they knew the result of the coin flip.Smith reacted to the coin flip debate on social media, tweeting: “Basically how the media works now a days.. clout chasing ruined the world!”And as for the success of the coin flip, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll discussed that on his radio show appearance on 710 ESPN.”He’s all time,” Carroll said about Smith’s coin toss decisions. “They were chanting his name when he was walking out there. ‘Geno! Geno!’ It was awesome.”All of this is a long-winded way of saying Geno Smith called heads. Geno Smith is involved in a controversy over whether he said “heads” or “tails” during the overtime coin flip in the Seahawks’ win over the 49ers on “Monday Night Football.”But the “controversy” only exists because there’s a poorly recorded video of the call in question. A tweet from an NFL meme account has more than 19,000 likes suggesting Smith says “tails.” And if you listen to the audio, it does kind of sound like he says “tails.”last_img

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